Our Team


Michael Bor

First car: 1986 Nissan Stanza Wagon (a hand-me-down – the first minivan made with sliding doors on both sides!) practical for the family.
Manual or automatic: Manual (no paddles, old school).
Car that embodies my personality and why: Any Audi. Sporty and 4-wheel drive.
Dream car: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (you can’t argue with 1,000+ horsepower, but the $2.5 million price tag is a slight obstacle).
Favorite car personality: Jeremy Clarkson (UK Top Gear).
Before CarLotz: Investment Banker with Harris Williams & Co., specializing in automotive and transportation sectors.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: I love a concept where everyone wins. Both our Sellers and Buyers come out on top when they use CarLotz versus traditional dealers or doing it themselves. If you want a hassle-free transaction, but you don’t want to sacrifice value, we’re the answer!
Outside of CarLotz: A fantastic and supportive wife and three hilarious little boys…the best thing that has ever happened to me.


Aaron Montgomery

First car: 1987 Grand Am ($500).
Manual or automatic: Depends. I like shifting, but not in traffic, and never without Bluetooth.
Car that embodies my personality and why: Maserati Quattroporte. Classy and refined, but still down for whatever.
Dream car: Bentley Continental GT Coupe (only 2 seats, one for me, one for Halle Berry).
Favorite car personality: Lee Iacocca, I read his book when I was 12. Changed my life!
Before CarLotz: I started selling cars when I was 17 years old, and worked with some of the best dealers in the country. I also got some cool corporate experience along the way, but I owe a huge thanks to the car guys who gave me a shot!
Favorite thing about CarLotz: Changing the used car game and being a pioneer in the business that I love!
Outside of CarLotz: Spending time with my girlfriend, reading random trivia, and watching 90′s sitcoms.


Will Boland

First car: 1979 gold Lincoln Continental with yellow leather interior, shag carpets, and an 8-track player.
Manual or automatic: Automatic. I am embarrassed to admit this since I am in the car business, but prior to CarLotz I had not learned to drive stick.
Car that embodies my personality and why: Jeep Grand Cherokee…low key and dependable but with a love for adventure.
Dream car: As a child of the 80s, I first fell in love with the Ferrari Testarossa as a Micro Machine, and it’s still a personal favorite.
Favorite car personality: Joe Gibbs – a great coach and NASCAR owner who I admire for his humility and work ethic.
Before CarLotz: Advising and investing in consumer oriented businesses and helping operate and grow a financial technology company.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: I love helping people and providing a great customer experience.
Outside of CarLotz: I enjoy good food, running, soccer, fantasy sports, and spending time with my awesome wife, family, and friends.


Ricky Eckert

First car: 1983 extended cab Chevy S10 pickup truck. My dad and I found the truck in a junkyard, and after 4 hand washes, I could finally tell what color it was. My father and I did all the work ourselves over the winter so I could have it shortly after my 16th birthday.
Manual or automatic: Love manual but always seem to buy automatic.
Dream car: I have always wanted a Porsche 911 Turbo S.
Favorite car personality: Chad Knaus, Crew Chief for NASCAR’s #48. I’m not a big Jimmie Johnson fan but Chad knows what it takes to win.
Before CarLotz: 12 years of sales & customer service management experience, the last 8 with Enterprise Rent A Car where, like CarLotz, customer service is the company motto.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: Dealing with the public, everyday is different, and I love that we’re changing the way people sell and buy cars.
Outside of CarLotz:I love the classic date night with my wife, dinner and a movie.


Brent Garrett

First car: 1985 Oldsmobile Regency 98. It was one of the most comfortable vehicles ever. It was like riding on a couch.
Manual or automatic: Manual.
Car that embodies my personality and why: Lexus LS460 – reliable and refined.
Dream car: Aston Martin Vanquish Ultimate GT.
Favorite car personality: Kitt from Knightrider. Takes me back to the 80s!
Before CarLotz: I spent just under 10 years with Enterprise Holdings in branch management, vehicle remarketing, and commercial leasing / fleet management.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: The opportunity to significantly and meaningfully change the way auto transactions are handled in the private party marketplace.
Outside of CarLotz: Spend time with my wife and two rambunctious boys. Also love to ski, golf, travel, meet people, great food, wine and beer.


Gearred Duarte

First car: A Calypso Red Metallic 1992 BMW 325i sedan.
Manual or automatic: Automatic.
Car that embodies my personality and why: VW Golf R; useful and conservative but with a little bit of crazy mixed in when the time is right.
Dream car: 2006 Porsche Carrera GT, Black on Black please.
Favorite car personality: “Tiff” Needell; a witty mind, a fantastic driver and always wearing a smile on his face.
Before CarLotz: I graduated Arizona State University and worked in finance/accounting before finding my way back to the automotive industry.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: Everyday is a new experience; a good story, a unique car and a different person. Monotony is a mind-killer and CarLotz keeps it far at bay.
Outside of CarLotz: I enjoy a good wine, a fast car and a perfect fall day, but otherwise I enjoy a good book, travel and trying anything new.


Dean Fleck

First car: My 1st car was a Toyota 4Runner. The 4 cylinder engine made for a tough climb up any hill.
Manual or automatic: Automatic. I still need to develop my manual abilities.
Car that embodies my personality and why: Buick LeSabre–dependable and easy going.
Dream car: A car that provides plenty of room works for me. I’m not too picky. Favorite car personality: The rest of the CarLotz team. They have taught me absolutely everything I know about the business.
Before CarLotz: I graduated from college, then worked for a start-up mosquito control company in Virginia Beach…fun times.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: Working in a small business that offers a unique experience for everyone involved. The great CarLotz team makes work very enjoyable as well.
Outside of CarLotz: I absolutely love a Sunday full of watching sports and spending time with friends and family….that is tough to beat.


Becca Hertz

First car: 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara.
Manual or automatic: Manual. All day, every day.
Car that embodies my personality and why: 4-Door Jeep Wrangler – practical, fun, and dependable but always ready for a good time.
Dream car: Aston Martin Rapide.
Favorite car personality: Kevin Harvick because my boyfriend loves NASCAR and therefore I get to watch every single race.
Before CarLotz: I graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University and worked for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, focusing on customer service and sales.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: I love exceeding customer expectations and changing the used car business. Teamwork is an amazing thing.
Outside of CarLotz: Firing up the grill and relaxing outside all weekend with my family and friends, traveling everywhere I possibly can, and meeting new people.


Matt Stepanich

First car: 1987 Volkswagen Fox. It survived everything I could throw at it. It was even commandeered by the Chicago Police Department during a car chase. Thankfully they paid for the repairs and body work afterwards.
Manual or automatic: Manual.
Car that embodies my personality and why: Whatever is the latest rear-wheel drive police car: sturdy, reliable and ready for action.
Dream car: Cadillac CTS-V.
Favorite car personality: James May (UK Top Gear).
Before CarLotz: Teaching high school History and working as a Human Services administrator.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: Cars today are better-built and more fun to drive than ever. There is a perfect match for everyone. When Buyers and Sellers are able to participate in the process in a way that makes them feel comfortable and in control, it benefits everybody.
Outside of CarLotz: My two year-old daughter, Jordan.


Taylor Warren

First car: 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe, handed down from my parents. I can parallel park anything now.
Manual or automatic: Automatic unless its a sports car, of course.
Car that embodies my personality and why: 2012 Chevy Tahoe Z-71. Dependable, can tackle any obstacle, and a classy interior.
Dream car: That’s like asking me what my favorite movie is – way too many to choose.
Favorite car personality: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. I’m not a huge NASCAR fan, but Dale Jr. shouldn’t need an explanation. Look at his fan base.
Before CarLotz: Graduated from Hampden-Sydney College with an Economics major in May 2012.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: The fact that both buyers and sellers are winners at CarLotz. Also, I think I’m one of the few people I know who are excited to head to work every morning.
Outside of CarLotz: I love spending time with my family, going out with my friends, being anywhere on the water, and watching sports.


Allison Fryar

First car: My first car was a 2005 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. My dad promised me if I made good grades I could have his car when I got my license. The first week I had it, I got a flat and had to replace all 4 tires…thanks Dad!
Manual or automatic: Automatic!
Car that embodies my personality and why: Volkswagen Beetle, I’m fun, outgoing, and not afraid to be different.
Dream car: Audi S5 Cabriolet.
Favorite car personality: “Mater” from the movie Cars, don’t judge.
Before CarLotz: Studied Communication and Spanish at James Madison University.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: That there is no down side for buyer or seller, plus it’s transparent and honest.
Outside of CarLotz: An obsession with my chocolate lab and JMU, bad TV, and spending time with family and friends.


Nick Stone

First car: My first car was a 1972 Volvo. This thing was a complete tank, and I sure drove it like one. Off roading and racing was an everyday thing.
Manual or automatic: Manual for speed and automatic for around town.
Car that embodies my personality and why:Survey says Saleen S7.
Dream car: Porsche 365.
Favorite car personality: Joe Gibbs (JGR racing owner).
Before CarLotz:Chef and realtor.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: Getting to wear jeans and a CarLotz T-shirt to work.
Outside of CarLotz: Fishing, surfing, and hanging out at the beach with the family.


Pietro McCabe

First car: Took my driving test and spent my Learner’s Permit days driving my parents’ diesel station wagon but shortly thereafter took delivery of my Cherry Red Saab 900 APC Turbo fitted with the B202 16V engine and SPG package. It was a fish tank on wheels but I loved it.
Manual or automatic: Manual all they way! Although now my choice would have to be an SMG or paddle shifters now that I am in a wheelchair.
Car that embodies my personality and why:Mercedes-Benz C63, a practical 4-door with a crazy fast streak. Wall Street meets Barcelona.
Dream car: Alfa Romeo 8C if feeling frisky, Citroën C6 if reclusive, Mercedes G65 if adventurous, plus a dozen others – can we say stable?!
Favorite car personality: Sergio Marchionne, of FIAT, and Valentino Rossi, who rallies now as well.
Before CarLotz:Family business since age 9, Ford dealership in sales and F&I, commercial bank, and multiple rounds of grad school!
Favorite thing about CarLotz: Seeing a company created from an idea, built, and then grown – all while providing the consumer the chance to intelligently, safely, and professionally market their vehicle with minimal hassle.
Outside of CarLotz: Road trips, reading, good food and wine, the arts, shopping, the sea, my obsession with cars, and Italy. A bit of everything I guess, and oh yeah, my two insane cats.


Kathy Bor

First car: Jeep Wrangler – although preferred my mom’s station wagon – the more friends the better!
Manual or automatic: Manual is definitely a preference. I have to admit though that practically speaking, with three kids and carpool, automatic works best.
Car that embodies my personality and why: GulfStream 6 – with a mom’s schedule and working, it’s all about speed.
Dream car: Dream car depends on the dream – London life: Bentley Continental GT. Hunting Life – Vintage Bronco!
Favorite car personality: Ferris Bueller.
Before CarLotz: Director of Household Human Resources.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: The energy!
Outside of CarLotz: Tennis and my four boys.


Kelly Spraker

First car: Cherry red 1991 Volkswagen Jetta GL – manual transmission with a Disc Man velcroed into the console.
Manual or automatic: Automatic, but my dream car would be manual.
Car that embodies my personality and why: DeLorean. I’ve had great experiences in the past, but I’m always up for something new!
Dream car:Audi S7.
Favorite car personality: Tom and Ray Magliozzi.
Before CarLotz:Consumer product sales and marketing, state government work and most recently staying home to raise my two children.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: Being part of a team where everyone is excited about what they’re doing. Continually hearing about satisfied customers makes going to work even more fun!
Outside of CarLotz: I enjoy cooking and gardening when I have time and spending time with friends and family.


Mary Brooks Jamison

First car: 1989 Audi 90 – love that car.
Manual or automatic: Automatic for every day and manual for a country drive.
Car that embodies my personality and why: One that always gets you there on time!
Dream car:Limo with one of those rear window dividers so that when my kids get too loud, I can close it and tune out. And, of course, it has to have a sunroof.
Favorite car personality: Lightning McQueen.
Before CarLotz:Business owner and mom.
Favorite thing about CarLotz: The people, the integrity and the determination to make CarLotz the best possible customer experience.
Outside of CarLotz: Family time, gardening and hanging out with friends.