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Tips for Success: Buying & Selling Cars – CarLotz University

Selling Fleet Vehicles: A Smart Alternative to Auction

CarLotz was created with a focus on consumer vehicles but has become an enticing solution for fleet sales as well. Watch Co-Founder and COO Aaron Montgomery discuss the CarLotz value proposition for fleet vehicle sales in an interview with Fleet Management Weekly.

Establishing Remarketing Strategies to Maximize Retention Value

CarLotz recently delivered a presentation at the National Associate of Fleet Administrators annual conference that discussed remarketing strategies for corporate fleet managers that maximize retention values. Download the presentation below, and if you’d like to learn more, visit CarLotz at or call Brent Garrett at 757-639-5934! Download the full presentation.

What Exactly Is Auto Consignment?

Most people know how a regular consignment works. You drop off whatever you want to sell at the consignment store, whether it’s clothes, a book, or an old teapot, and let the consignment shop do the work. Once your item has been sold, you receive a check equal to the sale price of your item, [Continue Reading…]

How to Get Out of an Underwater Car Loan

You’re in a car loan whose monthly payments you can no longer afford, but the balance you owe on the loan is more than the car is worth, so you can’t afford to get out of the loan either. Read on to find out how you can get out of your loan and save a [Continue Reading…]

Trust and Estate Professionals: Advising Your Clients on Their Vehicles

You deal with it every few weeks. A client loses a parent, sibling, child, or spouse and they (or you!) are left to deal with the myriad of financial and personal issues in tying up the estate. Major items such as bank and brokerage accounts, real estate holdings, and partnership agreements have most likely been [Continue Reading…]

The Most Fuel Efficient Passenger Cars

Over the last 10 years, fuel efficiency has become more and more important thanks to the rising costs of fuel. While the national average has grown over the last 10 years, only 4 vehicles have held the title of “most fuel efficient passenger cars” during that time. Below are the most fuel efficient cars for [Continue Reading…]

How To Safely Sell Your Car Privately

Buying and selling a used car can be scary, intimidating, and time-consuming. Pricing is not transparent, it’s hard to know if you’re buying a quality vehicle, and financing options are sometimes limited. And, of course, it’s not fun shopping at a dealership full of salesmen in full-length trenchcoats smoking cigarettes eyeing you like a kid [Continue Reading…]

Top 10 Tips For Selling Your Car Privately

Everyone knows that trading-in your car is the fastest way to get rid of a car, but it’s also the worst way to get the most money for your car. You can get the most money for your car if you sell it yourself, but to do it right, you need to carve out significant [Continue Reading…]

Maximizing the Value of Fleet and Company Cars

Most companies in the U.S. have company cars and fleet vehicles that represent billions of dollars of balance sheet value. Fleet managers do a good job of managing vehicle value when in their control; however when the time comes to dispose of company vehicles, most companies do a poor job of maximizing the sale value. [Continue Reading…]