A Vehicle for Change

CarLotz is partnering with various non-profit organizations around the country to help you sell your car with ease and, in the process, raise funds for your favorite charities. Instead of trading in your car for a wholesale price, let the pros at CarLotz sell it hassle-free for more money. By donating the extra chase to your favorite charity, you can change a life! It’s easy! CarLotz does all the work. We’ll even pick up your car and suggest a price! We typically sell vehicles for $3,000 – $7,000 more than trade-in.

Case Study:

Dealer Trade-in Price: $8,000
This is what you would get from the dealer. This amount still goes to you.

CarLotz Sale Price:$12,500
We sell your car on our lot. Our flat fee is $998.

Donation: $3,702
The extra money (or more, if you decide) goes to your designation non-profit program and you the tax deduction.

Sell a vehicle, make some change!

Call us to learn more about the process at (804) 728-3833 or get a free price analysis from our team!

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