Our Story

There has to be a better way!

“There has to be a better way” thought Mike, who needed another car to accommodate his growing family.  The thought of shopping privately or going to a dealer, however, was so unpleasant that he’d put off the process for months.  He just couldn’t stand the hassle, time-wasting, and ambiguity. Now, preparing for the arrival of his third son, he could delay no longer.

Unfortunately, buying a car wasn’t like buying a television.  Since reliable information was often unavailable, Mike could never be sure he got a good deal on his vehicles.  And, the haggling often made the process painful.  Then, of course, there was the matter of selling his current car.  Mike couldn’t stomach the thought of negotiating a trade-in price only to drive by the dealership the next week to see it offered for 25% more.  If he sold it himself, he could command the car’s true worth, but he hated the idea of strangers visiting his home at all hours.  In addition, he simply didn’t have the time to go it alone.

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That’s when Mike saw the problem clearly: there should be a way for private sellers to get what their car is worth, but without the time and hassle required.  At the same time, a buyer should be able to buy a car, know they’re getting a good deal through a transparent process, and feel good about the experience.

With the seeds of the idea planted, Mike recruited two partners who were equally passionate about solving this problem:  Aaron, an operations and auto retail expert, and Will, a finance and customer service guru.  As the three of them worked together, the solution became clear: CarLotz – a physical used car marketplace that provides the transparency and cost benefits of a private used car transaction and the convenience and service benefits of a dealer.

Finally, there IS a better way.  We invite you to come out to CarLotz and see for yourself!